Guild Works Is Proud To Announce Hells Blood 4 And Their Newest Endeavor GWP Presents issue 1!

Guild Works Is Proud To Announce Hells Blood 4 And Their Newest Endeavor GWP Presents issue 1!

Moodus CT, October 11th, 2012: Guild Works Publications is pleased to announce the long awaited thrilling conclusion to Hells Blood Chapter 4 which will make its debut at NYCC! Creator and artist Hector Rodriguez reports that he will be focusing his artistic energies on several new creator projects in 2013. The writing responsibilities will continue to be shouldered by GWP Editor in Chief Chris Buchner. A new story arc will begin with issue 5 and a new artistic team will be announced at the start of the new year.

GWP Presents #1

In other exciting GWP news their newest publication GWP Presents Issue One will present the debut of two new characters in their own unique origin stories in a limited edition flip book. The new publication will feature original cover art by JM DeSantis and Keith Murphey. The preview book will feature JM DeSantis’s Indian female warrior CHADHIYANA in two self contained short stories. In addition, Keith Murphey’s wendigo TORN will make his debut in the preview book. Both creators will also be on hand for a limited edition signing of the book details to be announced shortly.

To see the creators of HELLSBLOOD at NYCC stop by AA11 in Artists Alley. To see the creator of CHADHIYANNA: stop by the show floor at booth 2350!

The studio is also still seeking submissions for its second volume of BEST SHOTS: FANGS AND CLAWS and WORST CASE SCENARIO series. Submissions should be sent to [email protected].
For more detailed submission guidelines, please visit the company’s website at, or the Guild Works Facebook group.
Guild Works Publications, the revitalized creative partnership of Keith Murphey and Hector Rodriguez, is the current publisher for the popular horror series, Hell’s Blood, Worst Case Scenario, and Best Shots. The studio is dedicated to creating comics for the mature reader.

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  • Daniel Milea representing Sci-Fi Ninja Theater

    I mentioned your company on our Facebook website i the folling message:

    >>Tonight featured on Sci-Fi Ninja theater at 11pm will be New York City Comicon 2011 (episode 3). It will be running on channel 79 on time Warner and 35 on Verizon Fios. Please be sure to check out the following artists/works that are shown on tonight’s show:

    Guild’s Works Publications who can be found at They talk about their comics “Hell’s Blood” and “Worst Case Scenario OUTBREAK” and have many more works to check out at their website.<<

    Please be sure to spread the word about Sci-Fi Ninja Theater. Give it a like on Facebook; subscribe to us on You Tube and check out the website

    THANK YOU!!! We love your work!

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