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Check out a couple of great interviews for both HELLSBLOOD and WORST CASE at COMICMONSTERS.COM

If you can’t tell we at GWP are really excited! A lot of new and old projects have come to bloom that we want you to know about!

We have been away and now we are back with a revamped website in the works we are proud to announce the release of HELLSBLOOD issue #3, and our long awaited zombie anthology WORST CASE SCENARIO: OUTBREAK! Don’t forget to check out art and order our first adult pin up book BEST SHOTS: BULLETS AND BABES! A second volume entitled FANGS AND CLAWS is due out for next year.

Some more good news: TORN: A Weindigo Curse is finally in production and will also be released in 2012.

GWP has also produced several creator owned books which include: KROME, and THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF BETTY LAWS. Expect to see Issue 2 for both these books next year.

This is your opportunity to get in on the action, own an original piece of artwork, get rare convention specials, and limited edition prints! That’s right, we got posters, original art, and books from the likes of Hector Rodriguez, Keith Murphey, and many more!!!!!

This is only a small taste of what’s on the horizon for GWP! It’s the same fantastic artists and writers and the same great quality!

Until next time,

Keith Murphey
Guild Works Publications

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