Buy it in our eCrater Store!BEST SHOTS: BULLETS & BABES
This beautiful adult pin up book is a collection of sinful women with a diversity of fire arms from some of today’s up and coming top illustrative talent. The art book has an amazing amount of illustrations from around the globe proving that women can look good and kick ass at the same time! This limited edition 8×11 soft cover format has 48 pages in full color! $15.00 - AVAILABLE NOW! (in our eCrater store)
Buy it in our eCrater Store!HELLSBLOOD: COLLECTORS ISSUE
A limited print run of both Hellsblood book one and book two together with all new pin ups and a special edition Burucu-Aja/Meltdown cover.
A true collector’s item for the die hard Hellsblood fan! The collectors issue is comic book format with over 60 pages of Black and white toned art! A great collection of Hellsblood for a great price!
$4.99 - AVAILABLE NOW! (in our eCrater store)
Buy it in our eCrater Store!HELLSBLOOD: ISSUE #3
Just off the presses comes the newest installment of the ongoing saga from the creative talents of Chris Buchner (writer) and Hector Rodriguez (artist/creator). In this issue Hector continues to be pursued by Burucu and his demon minions for the opal of power. Zandra must confront Meltdown in order to save Ota’s life.  Hector begins to come to terms with his new powers and is ready for the ultimate showdown!
Hellsblood book format is 6×9 with 48 pages of black and white toned art.
$3.99 - AVAILABLE NOW! (in our eCrater store)
Buy it in our eCrater Store!WORST CASE SCENARIO: OUTBREAK
Where will you be when the Zombie apocalypse begins? That’s the kind of question each creator had to ask themselves in GWP’s first zombie inspired anthology! Call them what you will but we found some true zombie lovers for this installment of Worst Case which includes eight chilling tales of characters struggling to stay alive and avoid being zombie food. The only problem is that these pesky zombies are always hungry and in unlimited quantities! This installment includes 120 black and white toned heart pounding excitement slack jaw style!
This volume is a 6×9 format.
$9.99 - AVAILABLE NOW! (in our eCrater store)

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